One Earth Foundation is an exemplary non-profit organization dedicated
to making a difference in the lives of people in marginalized
communities around the world by providing access to clean water,
educating children, and supporting research and treatment for cancer
and autism.

The One Earth Foundation

We love that One Earth Foundation grew organically with a mission of empowering lives around the world.

It’s exceptionally satisfactory for whose helped us in our projects from water wells in Chad, Africa, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Indonesia to a Library in Honduras, South America and medical trips in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Philippines to providing support to cancer and autism research.

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Our Projects

Help be a part of making the right choices.

We hope that everyone continues to join us. And we’ll all do more good in the world together.

COVID-19 Emergency Food and Garment Distribution

Many people around the world are experiencing the effects of COVID-19 in all areas of their lives. Please contact us if you have a COVID-19 related emergency needs.

One Earth Foundation is committed to supporting the families during this challenging time.

In partnership with Grace Community Christian Fellowship, we were able to deliver essential food supplies (rice, sardines, noodles, milk, sugar, and coffee) to 67 families in Irisan in Baguio City, Phillippines, and new distribution will be in May 2021 for 74 families. Food packages will also be distributed to 100 families in Turkey in May 2021.

In partnership with Grandma`s Hope organization, we have been distributing 900+ pcs clothing items and still counting.

The COVID-19 pandemic is exacerbating the challenges that many families in the world already face when connecting to vital supports. Ensuring that our most vulnerable school-aged children have a device to access the internet is more than an education issue, it is a child development issue as well. Without access to the internet, children are unable to follow their online classes, and it is unfortunate to see that some parents are already sending their children to look for a part-time job until schools are reopened. Nevertheless, some children will never get a chance to go back to school. On Earth Foundation is proud to support children and their families in order to help them to continue their education.

In coordination with Aylin, the vice-principal of Beyoglu Tersane-i Amire High School, One Earth Foundation has provided 55 tablets for the students who cannot join online classes to continue their education. We are hopeful these devices can help students and families continue learning and ensure they are able to stay connected to community support and education services. As students connect, learn, and grow using technology to ensure their health and safety, We are immensely thankful our private donors generously donated 55 tablets. Distribution is completed on April 20, 2021

We look for generous donors to continue to help more children and families.

Pieces of Clothing Donated


Water is the source of all life. We couldn’t survive without it, yet so many people in underdeveloped countries are struggling so hard to get it. People walk miles and miles looking for clean water to drink and use and they aren’t always guaranteed to find any. People are spending most of their days literally water to survive.

We help underdeveloped countries get access to the clean water they need by drilling wells into the ground. This helps communities form around the well, and people no longer have to spend their days walking in search of this necessary life source. When we bring the clean water directly to them, this allows families to have time to focus on the important things at hand, such as time with each other, school and helping the community.


Many children in underdeveloped countries don’t have access to good education or even one at all.

We help children get a better education by understanding their needs and helping people become aware of this issue. Not all countries have enough funding to invest in their schools, they don’t always have instructors with the proper training, they lack school supplies or even a school building itself.

Our goal is to help these underdeveloped countries receive the help they need so that one day the whole world has equal access to education.

Cancer Research

As the number of people at risk for cancer only rises, it is very important to become aware of cancer and its affects.

Our mission is to understand the needs of our communities and provide them with the tools and knowledge they can use to fight this disease and come up with a cure.

It is important to become aware of the different types of cancer, the symptoms and how to get checked. We want to help the people in our communities to become knowledgeable and aware of this deadly disease,
so they can catch it early on.

Autism Research

Autism is important to be aware of because many autistic individuals struggle socially. Its not always easy for autistic children to learn because they have different abilities and teaching needs. We help out local communities become aware of autism and the affects it has, so
they can become empowered parts of the solution and help catch autistic symptoms early on.

Medical Trips

We have organized medical trips with our volunteers; doctors, nurses, and students.

Some rural parts of Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Mexico, and Honduras has no access to any medical support.

Our goal is to help these underdeveloped countries receive the help they need so that one day the whole world has equal access to medical services.

Orphanage Education Centers – I Wear Pink For ®

Children are always as beautiful as they innocent. It is heartbraking to see many of them left behind with no parents or relatives.

According to a recent study by UNICEF, there are 140 million children classified as orphans, 15.1 million have lost both parents. 95 per cent of all orphans are over the age of five.

We are working in South America and Asia in order to provide better education, and living conditions to the orphans.