About Us

Kaye is our Executive Director. She has traveled to over 40 countries all over the world and we are not able to stop her. With an extensive experience in volunteering in countries like India, South Africa, Honduras, Indonesia, Philippines and many more. She is a full-time lecturer at California State University, Long Beach, with a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree and a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. Her primary interest is to create relationships with the local non-profit partners and people that One Earth Foundation serves. She is leading One Earth Foundation’s campaign on cancer and autism awareness/research projects. We do believe that she has a bigger heart than anybody else and we have no idea how she finds all that energy to do pretty much everything. We are so grateful to have her in the team.

Adam is the co-founder of One Earth Foundation, a visionary, humanitarian, and hardworking person. He can only function with a morning coffee tho. An immigrant who has a passion to help people efficiently and in a sustainable manner. UCLA Graduate, holding an MBA and a world traveler pilot. He is tirelessly working for “One Earth Orphanage Education and Health Centers”. 

David is the co-founder of One Earth Foundation and currently president of a few other corporations in California and Nevada. He has a vast experience in finance since he led large financial projects and groups in Europe for multinational financial institutes over 15 years. David is a leader and brings an enormous experience in fundraising, operations, and management to One Earth Foundation.

Arda is a medical doctor specializing in emergency medicine. He utilizes his expansive knowledge and experiences in many volunteer projects. Europe is his home, and he travels around the world. He is an expert of enjoying every moment in life and we did not see anyone else as happy as him.

Skye is our volunteer project coordinator and lives in Hawaii. A visionary, full-time working professional in real estate. She manages social media and we are still hoping that we could get more likes on social media than her personal photos. She also helps us to create new collections of our fundraising products

Kimberly grew up in Guerrero, Mexico and was raised in Santa Ana, California. She has helped to coordinate many projects as well as helping homeless and kids. She supports many orphanages who give kids in Mexico, Honduras, and other Latin American countries a chance at obtaining an education. She’s eager to use her experience to help others obtain a better future and she is our charm. We couldn`t do anything without her.

Maxi is a dentist and loves helping people tirelessly. He lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina and helps many people around the world. He has expansive knowledge and ambition to learn about more, and practice in dentistry. One Earth Foundation is so grateful to have him in the team as a volunteer doctor. 

Born and raised in the Summer Capital of the Philippines is Vicky, an enthusiastic volunteer and project coordinator for One Earth Foundation. She has experience both in Hospital and Community Pharmacy and at the moment, she balances her career, family, and volunteering with the demonstration of strength and joy. She manages to work with both Christian and Muslim Communities and believes that we all share the same principle of integrity, dignity, and progress.

Aylin is a sociologist,  philosophy teacher, mom, loves teaching, and in love with poetry. Her dream is to improve the lives of kids around the world and putting big smiles on their wonderful faces as well as her daughter`s.  She has been volunteering for years. She’s a tremendous asset to the team, and we’re lucky to have her.

Ozcan is our IT Director, and he does all the magic on the computer and we truly do not know how he does all this amazing work. He lives in Europe and volunteers his spare time for One Earth Foundation to improve lives around the world.