Building Water Wells

Access to clean water is a major problem in marginalized communities in African countries like Chad and many refugee camps in Bangladesh, and Myanmar. We know the devastating impacts of the lack of access to clean water. It causes health problems, economic difficulties and the displacement of communities. Since 2015, One Earth is committed to partnering up with local organizations in these communities for them to have access to safe and clean water. We are happy to have helped build water wells. These completed 7 water wells had made it easier for women to fetch the water needed to cook, bathe their children and for sanitation without walking more than 50 kilometers to fetch water. It has also helped them economically because people had built communities with school, with stores and a place of worship in proximity to these clean water sources. Access to clean water is a human right.

We are currently working on building a water well for a mountain school in Indonesia. 497 kids are walking 8 km per day to the school, and unfortunately, the school does not have any water sources and electric. We have visited the school in August 2019 and has already started planning. Your help would make a big difference in these elementary school kids.

One Earth Water Well Indonesia