Interview with Families with Autistic Kids and How to Apply for Funds by Dr. Kathy

What are the legal rights of families who have autistic kid(s)? 
We are featuring Vickie Ignacio Goh and Lizette (Maryllis) Romero. Vickie is a CVICU RN at UCLA and Lizette is an oncology RN at the City of Hope. 
In addition to being frontline workers, they are knowledgeable and passionate advocates for their sons who are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  
We discussed how to navigate resources for children with ASD, the rewards and challenges of raising a child on a spectrum, and how ASD affected their family dynamics with their other children and husband.
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–  Los Angeles Families for Effective Autism (LAFEAT)
–  Autism Speaks
–  UCLA Early Intervention Program
–  The Autism Community in Action  (TACA)
–  A Parent’s Guide to Evidence-based Practice and Autism by National Autism Center
–  Applying for Regional Center Services
–  Autism Therapies
–  Autism Awareness
–  Ability First