Our Impact

 Impact 1

Sewing Machines for Afghan Women

Afghanistan is one of the countries in the world where it is difficult for women to live.  The political instability affects women’s health education, safety, security, employment, and political empowerment.  One Earth partnered with a local non-profit in 2018 to provide employment opportunity for 114 women in Afghanistan.

The non-profit organizations provided 33 sewing machines and the large office space for these women to work and sew different garments.  Now, these women are selling the garments and now have an income to buy basic needs for their families.

Building Water Wells

Access to clean water is a major problem in marginalized communities in African countries like Chad and many refugee camps in Bangladesh, and Myanmar. We know the devastating impacts of the lack of access to clean water. It causes health problems, economic difficulties and the displacement of communities. Since 2015, One Earth is committed to partnering up with local organizations in these communities for them to have access to safe and clean water. We are happy to have helped build water wells. These completed 7 water wells had made it easier for women to fetch the water needed to cook, bathe their children and for sanitation without walking more than 50 kilometers to fetch water. It has also helped them economically because people had built communities with school, with stores and a place of worship in proximity to these clean water sources. Access to clean water is a human right.

We are currently working on building a water well for a mountain school in Indonesia. 497 kids are walking 8 km per day to the school, and unfortunately, the school does not have any water sources and electric. We have visited the school in August 2019 and has already started planning. Your help would make a big difference in these elementary school kids.

Impact 3

Scholarships for High School Students in the Philippines

In 2015, One Earth Foundation partnered up with St. Philomene Academy,  a high school in Alcala, Cagayan, Philippines.  Ten deserving high school seniors received a full scholarship on their last year in high school.  These students were carefully selected based on their academic excellence, and their essays of stories about their dreams for themselves and their families.  The essays were so touching, but had a common theme: all of them are smart, dedicated and caring students, but their families have financial difficulties since most of their parents are working as farmers in this small town. Paying for their tuition to attend their senior year in high school was an issue for these families. One Earth wanted to support these students’ dream  
to graduate from high school and provided them with a full scholarship.


Anything for Selenas ® Orphanage Education Centers

One Earth Foundation has partnered with local non-profits in 2018 to provide better education and living conditions for orphans. According to a recent study by UNICEF, there are 140 million children classified as orphans, 95% of all orphans are over the age of five.

We are working in South America (Argentina-2018, Honduras-2018, Colombia-2020 and Asia (Philippines-2018 and Indonesia-2019) in order to provide better education and living conditions to the orphans.

Library in Tegucigalpa, Honduras

One Earth Foundation believes in the importance of education.  We wanted to work with other local non-profit organizations. Our goal is to foster cooperation with a local non-profit to create a program on how to teach the children “how to fish, and not just give them fish.” Then the idea of building a  school library at Centro Básico Tim Hines  (named after an American missionary) in Tegucigalpa, Honduras for 500 children between first and ninth grade started in early March in partnership with a Honduran non-profit organization, Chispa Project.
We had 20 days to raise $3,000  to build a room for a school  library, supply 700 books, provide a workshop for  teachers on how to teach creatively with the books, provide a workshop for parents on how to use books at home and provide a workshop for the children on how to  use and care for the books. 
We are very grateful to 70 generous donors who helped us raise the $3,000 needed in a very short period of time.  Our executive director, Kaye Retardo, went to Honduras from March 26-31, 2018. She brought books from the US to the library, helped with painting the library, helped create an inventory of the books, and met with the principal, teacher and some students of Centro Basico Time Hines.  
In the following few months, our local partner, Chispa Project continued to provide workshops and training for teachers,  parents, and students in preparation for the library’s completion. The inauguration of the new school library at Centro Básico Tim Hines was on July 10, 2018, with 500 children ready to discover new adventures in the books they are about to read.

Medical Trips

With great support of California State University, we have completed a medical trip to Vietnam in 2018 and we were able to screen locals who live in rural areas with no access to any medical facility whatsoever for years. Team of medical volunteers was delighted to do medical checks and providing educational support such as teaching kids how to brush teets and other basic prevention actions.
Cambodia is planned for 2019 and hoping to go to Indonesia in 2020. 

Helping Immigrant Families in the US

We have been helping refugees in the US to make them their adaptation process easier and faster. It is so mesmerizing to see kids adapt rapidly while adults still need time to learn English as well as cultural differences. One Earth Foundation has helped them by providing English courses at no cost, and also helping with their other needs such as calling to schedule their health appointments and helping them with job hunting, and as well as school homework.