Giving Tablets To Children To Continue Their Education Online During COVID-19 Lockdown

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Safer at Home order, students across Turkey have been attending school remotely. As we move into summer, the need for remote learning continues and the donation of tablets helps ensure families across the County have access to the necessary technology.

The COVID-19 pandemic is exacerbating the challenges that many families in the world already face when connecting to vital supports. Ensuring that our most vulnerable school-aged children have a device to access the internet is more than an education issue, it is a child development issue as well. Without access to the internet, children are unable to follow their online classes, and it is unfortunate to see that some parents are already sending their children to look for a part-time job until schools are reopened. Nevertheless, some children will never get a chance to go back to school. On Earth Foundation is proud to support children and their families in order to help them to continue their education.

Access to online resources is critical to families throughout the world. The digital divide should not impede access to food or other necessary support services during these very difficult times. These tablets will improve child development beyond remote learning by also connecting families with mentors and healthcare providers that can offer virtual assessments by viewing body language and sharing coping skills through relationship building.

“It’s a matter of equity that all of our students have access to technology in order to stay on a level playing field with students able to afford computers, tablets, and other technology,” said Vice Principal Aylin Ozer. “I am grateful to One Earth Foundation for stepping in and ensuring that 55 of our students in need are not left behind as they study and learn at home.”

“As students connect, learn, and grow using technology to ensure their health and safety, I’m immensely thankful One Earth Foundation generously donated 55 tablets to our community as a gift to foster youth and their families,” said Principal, Mehmet Tayfun Yilmaz, Chair of the Marmara County Education Department

With the great help of Aylin, 55 tablets are distributed to children and families on April 20, 2021, and now they have at-home access to tablets to use for educational activities. 

We look for generous donors to continue to help more children and families.